Why It’s Sometimes Ok to Be Rude

4 thoughts on “Why It’s Sometimes Ok to Be Rude”

  1. I agree with this post!

    I have a medyo manyakis uncle and I saw him asked my preteen daughter to kiss him (on the cheeks). I was OK with the first instance because my kids only see my relatives once a year (we live abroad). But, I told my daughter after the first incident that if my uncle calls for her, she can just say “hi” or smile.

    Sounds rude but, I know my uncle and his extramarital affairs.


    1. Sorry to hear that some family members are like that, but happy to know that you are empowered to protect your children. When I know I’m about to offend a family member because of this, I tell myself that it’s ok. They may dislike me, but I’m pretty sure they will never hate my child. It’s a price I’m willing to pay for them to learn bodily autonomy.


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